Tunage Tuesday

I’ve been known to tell people that “I bleed music.” This doesn’t mean I can play any instruments (the opposite is true in fact), and I’m no expert on any particular genre. What it does mean is that I have a much deeper connection to music than I do to other forms of media entertainment. I can go days on end without turning on the TV, but I can’t even walk half a mile to work without donning my headphones and turning on some tunes. In an effort to continually mix up the content on here, I bring you the first of who-knows-how-many installments of tunage tuesday.

A good friend of mine started emailing me music about a year and a half ago, and we have had a nice music exchange going ever since. She recently sent me the song Static Waves by Andrew Belle, which may now hold my record for most plays of one song in a day. There is no music video for the song that I can tell, but I did find two Off-Stage clips of him playing/singing in a very Take-Away Show manner of performing (side note: if you don’t know about the take-away shows, don’t worry, I’m sure many will make there way here on future tunage tuesday installments).

The clips below are my two favorite songs of Belle’s album, and it’s cool to hear him in such an impromptu setting. For the record, I do like the album versions more. If you dig this, check out the studio stuff.

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