This weekend: Tweed Ride+Mason Mini Marathon

DSC05841You may have seen this on Queen City Bike or Bike Newport, but obviously I’m gonna post about anything that involves bikes and hilarious outfits. This Saturday at 2:00 is the Tweed Ride, and I’ll be there in my jacket ready for a nice ride on a pushbike (yeah, we’re gettin’ all sorts of British with this). So leave your damn spandex at home (or at least cover that shit up) and come out for a ride and a pint.

Being a nice, slow, 6 mile cruise that finishes with beer, the Tweed Ride is a perfect precursor to Sunday’s Mini-Marathon (it’s a 15k, not even a half marathon) which starts and finishes at the Mason High School. Like most races, it benefits a charity (in this case the Epilepsy Foundation), and the course looks pretty flat, so it should be a nice easy cruise (that is, if you can ever consider moving 9.3 miles with your feet easy). Unlike the last two races I’ve run, there won’t be any costumes (although it would be hilarious if someone showed up as a strobe light), and it will be nice to get back into the groove of regular racing without dragging my camera with me on the course.

More information can be foundĀ here.

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  • Matt


    Just wondering…how many riders turned out for your tweed ride? Planning one in Indy and just trying to figure out possible numbers.



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